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Success Tips

Hello, Just came across a very nice post titled as 9 Beliefs of Remarkably Successful People, http://www.inc.com/jeff-haden/9-beliefs-of-remarkably-successful-people.html I found many of these beliefs very inspiring, so hope you will have the chance to read and get inspired from them too! … Continue reading

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Posting source code in WordPress hosted blog

Hi there! Two days after my last post, I noticed that the example code from that post had been removed 😦 This is really bad, and proves me a bad tester! Hope to improve on this soon, which should be … Continue reading

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Specifying UI dimensions in Android

I am back with a very useful tip that will prevent us from lot of trouble, when it comes to UI elements size on different screen sizes and screen density. In order to ensure that a graphic or text looks … Continue reading

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Productivity tips

Just read this post, which offers some really helpful guidelines for being productive, even when the amount of work and deadlines rises. 7 Things Highly Productive People Do You are more than welcome to comment on these tips, or propose … Continue reading

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